User Session Control

Addon for Dynamics NAV / Navision

Automatically log off idle Dynamics NAV / Navision users, and limit user logins per user ID.

Versions: 4.0, 5.0, '09, '13[R2], '15, '16, '17 | Languages: English | Countries: Any


Stop wasting sessions when users are idle or forget to log off.
Prevent users from opening multiple sessions.
Optimize the use of your user licences and buy fewer.

Take Control Over Your User Licences

User Session Control can automatically disconnect any user who is "idle," or hasn't been working on the system, for a certain period of time. No more running out of user licenses when people forget to log out!

Configure a global limit for how long users can be idle before being disconnected, with the option to set different times on a user-by user basis. In addition, you can exclude some users from getting disconnected when they are running long processes or reports.

Prevent Users from Using Multiple Sessions

Users often open up Dynamics NAV / Navision multiple times, taking up valuable user licenses. This addon allow you to limit the number of times a user can be simultaneously logged on. Like the idle log-off, you set a global limit for all users, and have the ability to change it on a user-by-user basis.

Addon screenshots: