Easy Ship

Addon for Dynamics NAV / Navision

Easy Ship connects to PaceJet (www.pacejet.com), a cloud based shipping application that is easy to use.

Versions: 4.0, 5.0, '09, '13[R2], '15, '16, '17 | Languages: English | Countries: United States, Canada

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Supports UPS, UPS Freight, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and more than 20 other carriers
Provides live, negotiated shipping rates
Offers full rate quoting capability
Flexible handling of freight charges including 3rd party billing and COD
Works with NAV Warehouse Management

Easy Ship Standard

Easy Ship Standard allows companies to quickly, easily and affordably ship packages out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV record tracking numbers and import freight charges, while having PaceJet, the leader in cloud-based shipping systems, handle label printing and communicating with the carriers.

Easy Ship allows rules based handling of shipping charges. A global rule may be created that is overridden by instructions for individual customers, ship-to addresses, or sales orders. Special instructions may be created for shipments using specific carriers and services.

Easy Ship Standard does not require that shipping staff use a NAV session.

Easy Ship Pick & Pack

Easy Ship Pick & Pack is for companies who want to keep track of individual packages.  This gives users the ability to pack and track what goes in each box, along with the specific charges and tracking numbers for each box.  Commodity and Harmonized Codes are also available for international shipping.  The system even stores export license information and prints all necessary documentation including Country of Origin, NAFTA declarations, Commercial Invoices, and more.

Scan bar coded pick documents to open the packing screen. Create a package or select “Pack All” to create a package and pack all lines and quantities.

Scan bar coded item numbers to pack an item. If the item has a serial number or lot number with a bar code, it may be scanned and the program will recognize the item number automatically. “Close” the package and select “Process EasyShipment” to transfer all information to PaceJet. Register the shipment through the carrier in PaceJet and print any required documentation. Return and mark “Shipping Complete” to import charges and tracking numbers.