Easy PDF Email & Fax

Addon for Dynamics NAV / Navision

Automatically create e-mails with PDF attachments and send documents directly by fax.

Versions: 4.0, 5.0, '09, '13[R2], '15, '16, '17 | Languages: English | Countries: Any

Easy PDF Email & Fax Demo Video



Save money and paper by sending documents electronically.
Send professional looking documents using the PDF file format.
Cater to your customers by delivering documents by their preferred method.
Improve your efficiency by creating, attaching and sending with just one click.

Send Documents Quickly and Easily

This addon allows you to fax or e-mail any document from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Create e-mails with PDF attachments that look exactly like the printed report, or automatically send a fax to the customer's listed number.

E-mails are created from templates which can include Dynamics NAV info such as the document numbers, order totals, customer information, or anything else. They may be created in any language. The language of the message will be linked to the Language Code on the Foreign Trade FastTab of the Customer Card.

Batch-send or Instantly Send Your Documents

Easy PDF allow users to either automatically send or batch send:

  • Customer Statements
  • Posted Sales Credit Memos
  • Posted Sales Invoices
  • Reminders
  • Finance Charge Memos

Easy PDF E-mail & Fax streamlines your processes, saving time and resources, and provides a better customer experience by delivering documents the way your customer wants to receive them.

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