AR & Collections Manager

Addon for Dynamics NAV / Navision

Track and collect overdue accounts, and manage the collection process.

Versions: 4.0, 5.0, '09, '13[R2], '15, '16, '17 | Languages: English, German | Countries: Any

AR & Collections Manager Overview Video



Reduce accounts receivable balances and an increase cash flow.
Assignment of collection responsibility to named individuals.
Instant identification of overdue invoices.
Use the built-in Contact Manager to track and resolve each outstanding invoice.
Comprehensive management oversight functions.
A three day reduction in your average days to collect translates to approximately $8,000 of cash flow per million of gross revenue.

Exception List

An Exception List displays all invoices currently assigned to an individual Collection Representative or workgroup. The Exception List can be used by managers to monitor and control the collection process.

Exception Manager

The Exception Manager provides the same general functionality as a Contact Manager, but is geared specifically to the collection requirements.

Collections Representatives can access a complete payment history, aging reports, sales order and invoice details, NAV's Credit Manager and other critical information from within the Exception Manager. Users can reprint invoices or statements and access e- mail from within the application.

Once a contact has been completed, a Next Contact Date is assigned and the invoice is assigned a new position in the Exception List depending on this date. If a customer disputes an invoice, even though it may not be overdue, it can be moved to the application automatically.

Trigger Points

A default Trigger Point (Due Date + X Days) can be defined for all customers, or a custom Trigger Point can be assigned to individual customers.

Trigger Points can be dynamically changed as a customer's payment history changes so that high-value invoices can be assigned lower Trigger Points, for example. Customers with poor payment histories can be assigned a negative Trigger Point and contacted prior to the Invoice Due Date.

Partially-paid invoices, customer chargebacks and unidentified payments can be transferred to the Collections Management Solution immediately rather than waiting for an invoice to become overdue.